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Hong Kong Recycle Bag Limited Company establishes in 2006. We mainly produce the non-woven / adhesive-bonded cloth product and the recycle bag is a product which we mainly produce.

What is adhesive-bonded cloth? The adhesive-bonded cloth is made of the polypropylene resin as the raw materials. It is a kind of environmental protection material and it is easy to decompose into the nature.

Hong Kong Recycle Bag Limited is the ONLY company registered under the Companies Ordinance in Hong Kong. To avoid counterfeit, make sure you can see the wordings "Limited Company".

We have our own factory in China and tailor-made the recycle bag for you. You may provide the design drawing or we can design it for you. A unique recycle bag can promotes your firm's reputation and products which is effective and economy.

The design of our recycle bag is novel and the type is innumerable. You are welcome to create your own desirable recycle bag at any time. The recycle bag can not only develop a good image, but also protect the earth. Don't be late, take action now!
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If you have any inquiries, please do not feel hesitate to contact our Customer Representative at (852) 2415 2330.

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